art  publishing



  • I reserve the right to decline any commission request.

  • I reserve the right to make changes to my commission prices and information at any time. However, the price of a commissions will not be changed after purchasing, unless the commissioner requests additional details during the process, and a new price is agreed upon.

  • It is the commissioner’s responsibility to provide all relevant information when requesting a commission.

  • All communication between myself and the commissioner will be conducted and documented via email.

  • All personal information will be kept private and confidential. Your personal details will be deleted after all the transactions are completed, if requested so.

  • I reserve full rights on the images I create.

  • The commissioner must not claim my art as theirs.

  • The commissioner may only use artwork that was created specifically for them, and are for the commissioner’s personal use only. This includes wallpapers, cropping the image for avatars/icons, printing the image for personal display, etc.

  • In the case of a fanart that is not based on another transformative work (such as a fanfiction), I reserve the right to redistribute the art and use it for commercial purposes (such as selling it at conventions).

  • In the case of an OC, or an art based on original or transformative work, I will not re-sell it or redistribute it without the commissioner’s and/or the author’s previous approval (this is not by law, just my personal ethics).

  • I reserve the right to publish and/or display all commissions on social media, portfolios or at non-commercial events, and to use it as an example to promote my work.

  • The commissioner is allowed to upload commissions I have created for them to an online gallery as long as appropriate credits are displayed. My art can be credited in the following ways: “Yuri Ookino”, “http://thebritishteapot.tumblr.com”, “http://yuriookinoart.com”, “@YuriOokino” on Twitter, and “@thebritishteapot” on Instagram