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FÄNGER (2017)


Expected to be a long term project, Fänger is a comic set in norther Germany, at the end of the XVIII century. It's the story of a dangerous disease, called Lycanthropia, that affects anyone who is bitten by a werewolf.

Ludwig is a simple farmer who becomes the victim of a werewolf's fangs. His only hope lies in the Order, a group of people who fight the creatures, and provide the affected with the only known cure. Ludwig will have to join them, but he'll als have to devote his life to the Order, in exchange for his survival. He will then learn the stories of the other survivors, and the secrets behind this mysterious disease.




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Depluvium Comics is an indie publisher born in 2017 to produce and distribute Fänger. This title is the first of a series of future exciting and ambitious projects presented by Depluvium Comics.